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Balea Tooth Paste 75 Ml
200.00 LE 200.00 LE 200.0 EGP
Protects againist tooth decay.
Cleanses and whitens teeth
Colgate Cool Stripe 100 Ml
119.00 LE 119.00 LE 119.0 EGP
Colgate Cool Stripe is clinically proven to strengthen teeth and provides you with the breath freshening of a gel.
Colgate Gold 360 Charcol Infused
88.00 LE 88.00 LE 88.0 EGP
Charcoal-infused spiral bristles effectively clean and help remove surface stains.
Colgate Minions +4Years 50 Ml
99.00 LE 99.00 LE 99.0 EGP
Mild flavour toothpaste.
Clinically proven cavity and enamel protection.
Extra gentle cleaning.
Denivit Anti Stain Intense 50 Gm
120.00 LE 120.00 LE 120.0 EGP
Visibly whiter teeth in only 10 days‍.
Hard on stains but gentle on teeth.
Listerine Total Care Zero 500 Ml
80.00 LE 80.00 LE 80.0 EGP
A less intense, alcohol-free mouthwash proven to clean and protect with 6 benefits for total oral health.
Listerine Cool Mint Pocket 72 Strips
150.00 LE 150.00 LE 150.0 EGP
LISTERINE POCKETPAKS® Oral Care Strips dissolve instantly, freshening your breath by killing 99.9% of bad-breath germs.
Oral-B Pulsar Vibrating Medium
105.00 LE 105.00 LE 105.0 EGP
It pulsates away plaque to help improve gum health, and helps whiten your smile. Pulsar 3D White removes surface stains On and Between teeth.
Oral-B Pulsar Vibrates Power
105.00 LE 105.00 LE 105.0 EGP
Battery operated to gently vibrate and polish away stains for a whiter, cleaner smile.
Oral-B Of Kids Brush Longer Boys and Girls
710.00 LE 710.00 LE 710.0 EGP
Ease of Use.
Plaque Removal.
Child’s Enthusiasm.