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Diplona Cream 200 Ml All Types
132.00 LE 132.00 LE 132.0 EGP
Easy to remove.
Dove Shampoo Uk 355ML All Types
244.00 LE 244.00 LE 244.0 EGP
Effective nourishment for soft, smooth, beautiful hair.
Contains Nutritive Serum to lock in essential moisture.
Scented with refreshing coconut water and sweet lime.
Protects against dryness.
Dove Shampoo+Oil Replacement Hair400 Ml
107.00 LE 107.00 LE 107.0 EGP
It removes frizz, gives it a healthier, smoother look.
Helps protect your hair from future damage.
Balances scalp condition, making hair silky and smooth.
Dr. Miracles Shampoo 355 Ml
175.00 LE 175.00 LE 175.0 EGP
Instant Detangling, Hydration and Nourishment Dry, Thirsty Hair.
Dr. Miracles Leave-In Conditioner 237 Ml
250.00 LE 250.00 LE 250.0 EGP
Keeps moisture in.
Cleanse and condition.
For Strong, soft and manageable shiny hair.
Dr. Miracles Hair Moist Gro Oil 118 Ml
199.00 LE 199.00 LE 199.0 EGP
Moisturizes, conditions, strengthens hair and scalp.
Dr. Miracles Hot Gro 113Gm
240.00 LE 240.00 LE 240.0 EGP
Dr. Miracle's Hot Gro Hair and Scalp Treatment nourishes, hydrates and conditions your dry, thirsty scalp and hair.
Dr. Miracles Intensive Spot Serum 118 Ml
340.00 LE 340.00 LE 340.0 EGP
For slow growth and breakage.
Helps split ends and breakage.
Helps provides shines, conditions, strengthens and moisturizes hair.
Dr. Miracles Herbal Tonic 118 Ml
285.00 LE 285.00 LE 285.0 EGP
Promotes hair growth and strength.
Dr. Miracles Temple And Nape Balm 113Gm
240.00 LE 240.00 LE 240.0 EGP
Roven Hair Care.
Established formula.
Nutricerat Shampoo 200 Ml
260.00 LE 260.00 LE 260.0 EGP
Nourishes the hair intensely from root to tip.
Adds softness and shine.
Nutricerat Mask 150 Ml
335.00 LE 335.00 LE 335.0 EGP
Nourishes and repairs intensely.
Makes detangling easier.
Nutricerat Emulsion 100 Ml
250.00 LE 250.00 LE 250.0 EGP
Restructures very dry and very damaged hair ends while protecting and smoothing the hair.
Ducray Creastim Lotion 3 x 50 Ml
850.00 LE 850.00 LE 850.0 EGP
Occasional male and female hair loss. Stress, fatigue.
Chronstim Hair Loss Treatment 2Pcs x 50 Ml
725.00 LE 725.00 LE 725.0 EGP
Reduces hair loss.
Ducray Anaphase Shampoo 200 Ml
275.00 LE 275.00 LE 275.0 EGP
To complement all anti-hair loss treatments.
Strengthens and adds volume.
Neoptide Hair Loss Treatment F Women 3 Bottle x 30 Ml
975.00 LE 975.00 LE 975.0 EGP
No-rinse lotion for chronic female hair loss.
Ducray Kelual Ds Shampooing 100 Ml
279.00 LE 279.00 LE 279.0 EGP
Eliminates dandruff with long-lasting results.
Soothes the scalp fast.
Use once a week to lastingly prevent dandruff recurrence.
Kertyol P.S.O. Creme 100 Ml
229.00 LE 229.00 LE 229.0 EGP
Complementary care for psoriasis-prone skin.
Plaques and itching caused by skin dryness.
Kertyol P.S.O. Shampoo 125 Ml
185.00 LE 185.00 LE 185.0 EGP
Complementary care for psoriasis-prone skin.