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Fevitro Triple Immunity Booster 45 Pieces

Boosts the immune system.
Treats Anemia which cause hair loss and dark circles.
Regrows the hair faster.

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     Fevitro Lactoferrin Vitamin C, Folic acid and Zinc chocolate pieces enhance your immunity while keeping your hair healthy. The presence of Lactoferrin 250 mg is considered first-line defense protection against Microbial Infections. As well as Vitamin C 500mg and Zinc 50mg which are recommended by WHO. 


     1 chocolate piece per day after eating a meal  (adults).

    1 chocolate piece per day after eating a meal (children from age 8 years old). 


     45 pieces 


     Lactoferrin  vitamin C  Zinc  Folic acid  Vitamin B12  Vitamin B6- Protein  Full cream milk